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PUC Reminds Stakeholders about Nominations for Damage Prevention Committee; Deadline is January 18, 2019

December 28, 2018

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) today reminded stakeholders and concerned citizens across the state that it is currently accepting nominations for individuals to serve on the PUC’s Damage Prevention Committee (DPC) - a key element of enhanced efforts to safeguard underground utilities.

The PUC will accept nominations until Jan. 18, 2019, for DPC representatives from each of the following industries:

  1. Non-municipally owned or affiliated facility owner industries – including telephone and cable television – nominated by facility owners or affiliated organizations (two positions); and
  2. Excavators – nominated by excavators or affiliated organizations (one position).

Nomination forms and instructions are available on the PUC website.

Appointments to the DPC will begin in 2019, with each member serving a three-year term. After the term is completed, members are required to reapply for DPC membership.

Creation of the committee was authorized by Act 50 of 2017 (Act 50), which enhances Pennsylvania’s Underground Utility Line Protection Act – also known as the “One Call Law.”  Persons appointed to the DPC must have the appropriate level of expertise within the operation of Act 50.

Modeled after successful programs in other states, the focus of the committee is a reduction in the number of “hits” on underground utilities. The DPC meets regularly to review alleged violations of the Act and make determinations as to the appropriate response including, but not limited to, the issuance of warning letters or administrative penalties. 

In accordance with Act 50, membership on the DPC includes: non-municipal owned or affiliated facility owner industries, such as the electric, natural gas or petroleum pipelines, telephone, water or wastewater and cable television industries; excavators; municipal governments; and municipal authorities.

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