Consumer Outreach and Education Services

The PUC's Office of Communications offers statewide utility Education and Outreach Services. Our dedicated outreach and education team are an essential component in our community by providing tools, utility resources and education services. 

The outreach and education team partners with a variety of community groups, state government agencies, legislators, human service providers, utility companies, community based organizations, and many other interested stakeholders to help educate, share many useful tools, resources and programs to help consumers make informed utility choices.

Education programs, workshops, seminars, forums, roundtable discussions, training sessions and conferences are available on a variety of utility topics and are tailed to reach each audience.


Educational Topics and Programs

The PUC regulates most utilities, but not all. Here is a list of What the PUC Regulates.

  • PUC Regulations
  • PUC Consumer Protections & Complaint Process
  • How to Prepare for Public Input Hearings
  • PAPowerSwitch
  • PAGasSwitch
  • Prepare Now
  • Be Utility Wise Events
  • Limited-Income Customer Assistance Programs
  • Ways to Save Energy
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • PUC Educational Games
  • PUC Utility Careers
  • Other Utility-Related Programs and Services
Consumer Educators Booth
To find more information on upcoming events, check out the Consumer Education Events Schedule.
Consumer Educators at a community event booth, handing out information as part of our outreach services.
Download your copy of the Outreach and Education Services Flyer.  

Consumer Education Partnerships

The PUC partners with various companies and organizations to bring programs to consumers. Past partnerships have included the following:

  • Utility Companies
  • State Agencies
  • AARP Chapters
  • Area Agency on Aging Chapters
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Legislators
  • Consortiums
  • Health Care Agencies
  • Schools
  • Religious-Based Organizations
  • Consumer Advocates
Consumer Educators Booth

Consumer Education Specialists

If you would like more information or to schedule an event in your area, contact our Consumer Education Specialists.

Christina Chase-Pettis
(717) 772-8884
Shari Williams
(215) 560-6901

Juaita Gale
(412) 423-9313