Search for Formal Consumer Complaints

The PUC’s Utility Search allows for the search of formal consumer complaints filed with the Commission.

The complaints could concern billing, difficulty contacting the company, dissatisfaction with service or other issues.

The complaints should be viewed as only one measure of the company’s customer service.

Search for Formal Consumer Complaints

Know the Name of the Company

Looking for More than One Company

  • If you know the name of the company, select the Search for Utilities by Utility Name and type in the company’s name, select Search
  • Select the Search for Authorities by Authority/Service Type
  • For Authority/Service Type use drop down arrow – Select Service Type for example Taxi.
  • Authority Status selection displays Active, Inactive and Pending Options, select Active, next select Search.
  • Click on Utility Name to put the list in alphabetical order. 
  • Find company name - then click on that company’s Utility Code.
  • Utility Detail View comes up for the selected company. 
  • Scroll down to the Docketed Cases section.
  • Click on Docket Number to put the cases in alphabetical order.
  • Under Docketed Cases, and any cases that begin with C-xxxx-xxxxxxx is a complaint case.
  • Click on the Docket Number - Case Summary appears with all relevant information regarding the case and a list of public documents associated with the case.