Slamming and Cramming

What is Cramming?
Cramming is the illegal practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on your telephone bill.

What is Slamming?
Slamming is the illegal practice of switching your telephone provider to another provider without your permission.

Consumer Protection Tips:

  •  Always examine your telephone bill thoroughly each month.
  •  Look for companies you don't recognize and unauthorized services or additional services you did not order.
  •  Read and most importantly understand the fine print on promotional mailings you receive before agreeing to any offer.
  •  Before you agree to a telemarketer's offer, ask that they send you the information in writing.


What can I do if I'm a victim of Cramming or Slamming?

  • Call your local service provider (LSP). The telephone number is listed on your bill.
  • Register your complaint and ask to be reconnected to your chosen provider or have the unauthorized charges removed from your bill.
  • Call the company that you were switched to, or that placed additional unordered services and charges on your bill. Explain that you will NOT PAY for the unauthorized charges or service.
  • If the LSP is unable to help you with your problem, you have the right to file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission's Bureau of Consumer Services at (800) 692-7380 or register your complaint online.


Long Distance Slamming - If you have been slammed by a long distance company, you should contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at (888) 225-5322.