En Banc Transportation Hearing

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission will hold an en banc hearing on Thursday, August 28, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. to seek testimony regarding transportation industry issues.  The purpose of this hearing is to permit participants to highlight or summarize positions on key issues that the Commission plans to address regarding: (1) current issues in the transportation industry and (2) whether the Commission’s transportation regulations should be updated to address these issues.

The Commission will be examining the following issues as related to whether the Commission should update its current regulations regarding these issues:

  • Adequacy of driver integrity regulations
  • Adequacy of vehicle safety regulations
  • Adequacy of current insurance requirements
  • Elimination of the need standard
  • Rules for “Transportation Network Companies”
  • Enforcement of the Commission’s transportation regulations
  • Geographic scope of authority

Secretarial Letter - Announcing the en banc hearing to interested parties.  Dated July 18, 2014.  Docket No. M-2014-2431451.

Secretarial Letters - En Banc hearing witness invitations.  Date July 22, 2014.  Docket No. M-2014-2431451.

Agenda - En Banc tentative agenda.


Notice Regarding En Banc Transportation Hearing

The purpose of this en banc hearing is to gather information and policy recommendations, for the future, as to whether our current transportation regulations for motor carriers should be revised or otherwise updated.

In addition, we have solicited views on whether our regulations should be updated to increase insurance requirements, to eliminate the need standard for market entry, and whether we need new regulations or amendments to the Public Utility Code to deal with transportation network companies, such as the TNC legislation that has been introduced by several legislators. 

As such, this en banc hearing is forward looking only and legislative in nature.

As to pending cases, the Commission will decide those cases based solely on the record developed in those cases.  For that reason, we have directed participants who have submitted testimony for this en banc hearing regarding transportation regulation, and those who are participating today, that they may not testify regarding information that is the subject of pending Commission proceedings. 

As required by the law, the Commissioners will decide those pending cases based solely their review of the ALJs’ recommended decisions and the formal record developed in those proceedings. 

En Banc Testimony

State Senator Wayne Fontana State Representative Anthony Deluca
State Representative Erin Molchany State Representative Mark Mustio
Uber Technologies Inc. Lyft Inc.
Yellow Cab Company of Pittsburgh (Yellow X) CabbyGo
Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania Inc. Pennsylvania Department of Insurance
Philadelphia Parking Authority PA Taxicab & Paratransit Association
Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Assoc. National Limousine Association
Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Taxicab Association Central Penn Taxi Association
Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Association for Justice
Comments by Representative Thomas Killion  


The public may file comments regarding these issues with the Secretary of the Commission by the close of business on September 11, 2014, at Docket Number M-2014-2431451.