Impact Fee Distributions to State & Local Governments

For 2012, the Commission was required to disburse by December 1 the Impact Fees collected.  For each year after 2012, the Commission must disburse Impct Fee funds by July 1.  Local government Impact Fee distributions are available.

From the Impact Fees collected, Act 13/Impact Fee earmarks about $25.5 million "off the top" for state agencies to offset the statewide impact of drilling.  Additionally, for the first three years of the program, a fixed amount "off the top" is distributed to the Marcellus Legacy Fund.  After the $25.5 million distribution to state agencies and the fixed distribution to the Marcellus Legacy Fund, the remainder of the fees collected is distributed as follows:

  • 60 percent to the Unconventional Gas Well Fund
    • These funds are distributed to counties and municipalities with wells.
    • These funds must be used for the 13 purposes set forth in Section 2314(g) of Act 13.
    • The Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report outlines the purposes for which counties and municipalities must spend these funds.  This form must be submitted to the Commission annually by April 15.
  • 40 percent to the Marcellus Legacy Fund
    • 15 percent of the Marcellus Legacy Fund is distributed by the Commission to all counties, regardless of whether the county has wells located within its borders, to be used for certain environmental initiatives, as set forth in Section 2315(a.1)(5) of Act 13.
      • Counties ARE NOT required to report the expenditure of these funds to the Commission.
    • Other funds making up the Marcellus Legacy Fund include the Highway Bridge Improvement Fund and the Environmental Stewardship Fund.