Rail Safety Online Forms

Accident Form UCTA-1 Railroad carriers submit this monthly form if no reportable accident has occurred during the month. PDF WORD
Accident Form UCTA-31 Railroad carriers submit this monthly report form on non-train accidents involving highway vehicles running into and damaging crossing gates and flashing light signals. PDF WORD
Application Form E Application for approval for the installation, removal or substitution of warning devices at a public crossing. PDF WORD
Application Form G Application for approval for the construction of, alteration, relocation, abolition or suspension of a public crossing by utility companies. PDF WORD
Application Form P Application for approval for the installation of traffic signals with preemption on the approach to a public crossing. PDF WORD
Application Form W Application for the installation of a fixed utility company's facilities (pipe and wire) within a public crossing. PDF WORD
Application Form X Application for approval of an exemption from the Commission’s railroad clearance requirements. PDF WORD
AR-17-RR Assessment Report Statement of Operating Revenues for General Assessment of Railroad Companies for the calendar year 2017 (Jan -Dec 2017). PDF
Certificate of Service The form is used to list the names and addresses of the participants served with a copy of the application or documents. PDF WORD
Highway-Rail Public Grade Crossing A form to report potentially redundant at-grade public highway-rail crossings, particularly in locations where there is an opportunity to eliminate crossings that are not required for the safety and convenience of the public. PDF WORD
Public Utility Security Planning & Readiness Self Certification All utilities under the reporting requirements of 52 Pa. Code §§ 57.47, 59.48, 61.28, 63.36, 65.19, 29.43, 31.1 or 33.103 shall annually file the form by February 28th. The PDF form may be filled out electronically, printed out (or printed out and filled in by hand), and must be mailed to Secretary of the Commission, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Attention Doreen Trout, P.O. Box 3265, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-3265. The forms may no longer be emailed to the Commission due to security concerns. PDF WORD
Public Utility Security Planning & Readiness Self Certification-Frequently Asked Questions The PUC adopted a Public Utility Planning and Readiness Self Certification Rulemaking order at Docket L-00040166. The rulemaking resulted in the creation of a new regulation at 52 PA Code Chapter 101. The attached file contains answers to frequently asked questions concerning the form that is to be filed in compliance with 52 PA Code Chapter 101.4. PDF WORD
Railway Formal Complaint Form A formal complaint is made under Section 2702 of the act stating that a crossing is dangerous or inadequate. PDF WORD