DSR Working Group Subgroups

The DSR Working Group has created subgroups, that have gathered information in the form of written factual descriptions of programs, as well as white papers or straw man proposals on specific topics identified during their discussions.

Consumer Education Programs


Duquesne Light

Ontario Conservation Program

Green Campus (Alliance to Save Energy)

Green Schools (Alliance to Save Energy)

Communications Consultants for Sustainable Futures

Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA) Programs

Low Income Multi Family Program

Low Income Single Family Program

Low Income New Construction

Residential High-Efficiency Gas Heat

Residential EStar Products & Services

Residential High-Efficiency Gas Water Heating

Residential New Construction


Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) Programs

IN Low-Income Weatherization & Refrigeration

Adapting for Climate Change - Lessons for London

Cool Roofing Program

NE Residential EStar Appliance Initiative

NE EStar Lighting Program

NW EStar Residential Windows Program

Commercial & Industrial - Cool Choice

C&I - Custom & Comprehensive

Small Commericial Exemplary Program

New Jersey - Cool Advantage

Energy Conscious Construction

NYSERDA - Flex Tech Program

NY Energy Smart Program

NYSERDA - C&I Performance Program

TX Energy Star Homes Program

Lighting Efficiency

EOS Article - Puerto Rico

London's Urban Heat Island

Miscellaneous Programs

Home Performance with EnergyStar

Comprehensive Nonresidential Retrofit

Climate Energy

Comverge Residential DSR Programs

Energy Star Home Products in PA

Energy Star Fact Sheet

Energy Star Qualified New Homes

Energy Efficiency Education

Warren Energy Program Advice

EnVinta C&I Programs

Ontario Conservation Programs

Office of Small Business Advocate

PennFuture Program

SBDC On-Bill Financing

EnVinta - Small & Medium Business

Wal-Mart Programs