Triennial Review Order

In response to the Federal Communication Commission's Triennial Review Order (TRO), the PUC has initiated three proceedings for the purpose of conducting the necessary state commission analyses.  The TRO implements certain market-opening requirements, sets forth the unbundling requirements and seeks to promote investment in telecommunications infrastructure.  The PUC will undertake the fact finding requested by the FCC, as outlined in the Commission's Procedural Order, along with a companion Protective Order.
Docket No. I-00030099, I-00030100 and M-00031754.

Procedural Order
Entered October 2, 2003.

Investigation into Obligations of ILECs to Unbundled Local Circuit Switching
Docket No. I-00030100

Secretarial Letter
Dated October 7, 2003.

Development of an Efficient Loop Migration Process
Docket No. M-00031754

Proceeding Reassigned to ALJ - Dated March 19, 2004

Periodic Progress Report - Dated February 13, 2004

Batch Cut Report - Dated November 3, 2003

Secretarial Letter - Dated October 14, 2003

List of Parties

Comments by Parties

AT&T Communications of PA


Cavalier Telephone    Testimony

REMI Communications and Full Service Network

Penn Telecom



Covad Communications

Joint Comments
By Broadview Networks, Bullseye Telecom, Infohighway, McGraw, Metropolitan and Talk America

Verizon's Declarations (Pennsylvania Specific) Verizon has filed with the Commission on January 28, 2004, Declarations, consisting of a new "Batch Cut" process and related documents, in this proceeding mandated by the FCC's TRO and the Commission's Procedural Order in this matter with copies served on parties on the Service List.