Pipeline Inspection Forms

The Gas Safety Division of the Pennsylvania PUC enforces state and federal pipeline safety regulations.

The following are inspection forms that the Gas Safety Division uses to conduct inspections of regulated gas utilities. Engineers review operation and maintenance records, review company procedures, and verify pipeline facilities in the field are in compliance.

Inspection Forms

3rd Party Damage Inspection

Abandonments/Disconnects Inspections

Compressor Station Construction

Compressor Station Inspection

Corrosion Control Inspection

Distribution Operator Inspection

District Regulator Inspection

Emergency Plan

Emergency Valves Inspection

Frost Patrol Inspection

Incident Data Request

Leak Survey

Leak Classification Field Verification

New Form Evaluation

Non-Compliance Follow-Up Form

Non-Reportable Failure Investigation -  Distribution

Odor Level Verification

One Call Verification

Outage Inspection

PHMSA (OQ) Form 14 Operator Inspection

Pipeline Integrity Field Inspection

Plastic Pipeline Construction

Reportable Failure Investigation - Distribution

Reportable Failure Investigation - Transmission

Safety Related Condition Follow-Up Report

Steel Pipeline Construction

Transmission Line Inspection

Welder Qualification

PHMSA Form 4 Standard LNG Inspection

PHMSA Form 21 PAP Effectiveness

PHMSA Form 12 Gas Storage Field Review

PHMSA Form 15 OQ Field Inspection Protocol

PHMSA Form 5 Gas Pipeline & Compressor

Station Construction

PHMSA Form 16 Gas IMP Field Verification Inspection

PHMSA Form 17 Supplemental SCC


PHMSA Form 18 LNG Construction Inspection

PHMSA Form 22 DIMP Inspection Form

192.1005 Operators

PHMSA Form 23 DIMP Inspection Form 192.1015 Operators