Records, Reports and Enforcement Actions

Formal Enforcement Actions

Records of Pennsylvania  Public Utility Commission formal enforcement actions perpaining to pipeline safety are available online.  To locate records for a specific company, go to the "Search Public Documents" page here, and enter the utility name.  You may narrow your search by entering a specific time period and a document type, such as "Complaint."  This will produce a list of cases.

Recent Formal Enforcement Actions

Name of Company Docket No. Date of Final Order Civil Penalty Amount

Peoples Natural Gas

Company LLC

C-2009-2027991 02/08/2011 $80,000.00

 Peoples Natural Gas

Company LLC

M-2011-2157542 09/07/2011 $20,000.00


Inspection Records and Accident Reports

While a small portion of the Gas Safety Division's findings lead to formal enforcement actions, the Gas Safety Division thoroughly investigates all methods and practices of pipeline companies, including reports, records and other information to evaluate compliance with state and federal regulations.  The voluntary cooperation of the pipeline company to provide the Gas Safety Division with full and open access to the operator's premises and records is essential to the effective operation of gas safety enforcement inspections.  For this reason, inspection records and accident reports where a formal enforcement action has not been initiated are not made public.  Aggregated data is available on the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's website.

Pennsylvania Incidents and Pipeline Mileage:

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Pipeline Enforcement in Pennsylvania

The Pipeline Safety Division conducts thorough inspections of regulated utilities to confirm that they are in compliance with federal and state regulations.  Inspections include design, installation, operation, and maintenance of natural gas pipelines, hazardous liquid pipelines, liquefied petroleum gas pipelines (propane), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.  


Under Pennsylvania law, access to information about pipeline locations is limited for pubic safety reasons.  To access the portion of the federal National Pipeline Mapping System that is available to the public, click here.