Regulated Distribution Systems

The Gas Safety Division inspects pipelines of natural gas distribution companies operating in Pennsylvania.

Able Company

Allegheny Land & Exploration Inc.

Andreassi Gas Company

C.E. Dunmire Gas Company Inc.

Chartiers Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Columbia Gas Of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Corsica Gas Company

Equitable Gas Company

G & G Gas

Granger Energy LLC

Herman Oil & Gas Company Inc.

Kaib & Kaib

Knox Energy Cooperative Association Inc. 

Larkin Oil & Gas Company

McKean County Joint Ventures

Mountain Energy (Greenridge Oil Company)

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation

North East Heat & Light Company

Nutmeg Energy Inc.

Orwell Natural Gas

PECO Gas (Exelon Corporation)

Pentex Pipeline Company

Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC

Peoples TWP LLC (Formerly TW Phillips)

Philadelphia Gas Works  (PGW)

Pike County Power & Light Company

Pine-Roe Natural Gas Company Inc.

Riemer Gas Company

S.A.R. Gas Inc.

Sergeant Gas Company Inc.

Sigel Gas Company

UGI Central Penn Gas Inc.

UGI Penn Natural Gas Inc.

UGI Utilities Inc.

Valley Energy

Wally Gas Company