Staff Directory

Mailing Address for Deliveries

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

General Mailing Address

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
P.O. Box 3265
Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265


Bureau of Technical Utility Services

Water and Wastewater Group - Information on rates and ratemaking, PENNVEST, affiliated interest agreements, viability, applications, metering, main extensions, operational and technical compliance and utility plant inspections.


Dan Searfoorce
3rd Floor West
(717) 783-6159
FAX (717) 787-4750


Sean Donnelly
3rd Floor West
(717) 783-2505
FAX (717) 787-4750

Finance and Tariff Group - Information on tariffs, annual reports, rate of return and income taxes.


Erin Laudenslager                         3rd Floor West
(717) 705-4364
FAX (717) 783-4750                 


Law Bureau

Information on rulemakings, regulations, compliance and regionalization.

Deputy Chief Counsel

3rd Floor West                                (717) 787-5000                                FAX (717) 783-3458


Assistant Counsel

Stanley Brown
3rd Floor West
(717) 783-3968
FAX (717) 783-3458




Bureau of Consumer Services

Division of Field Services - Information on consumer services, billing and terminations.

Policy Division Chief

Lori Mohr, Esq.
2nd Floor East
(717) 783-1661
FAX (717) 783-5659