The PUC has jurisdiction over 11 electric distribution companies which serve the majority of the Commonwealth. Rural electric cooperatives and most utilities owned and operated by cities, boroughs or townships are not regulated by the Commission. For information on these, contact the electric co-op, Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association, or your local municipality.

Electricity Presentations

PA Electricity Generation Choice and Competition Act - Presentation given by Chairman Cawley to the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2010 Energy Summit on October 28, 2010.

Expiration of Rate Caps: The Numbers Tell the Story - Presentation given by Chairman Cawley to the National Energy Marketers Association at the Annual Fall Leadership Roundtable on October 19, 2010.

Act 129 Update - Presentation given by Chairman Cawley to the Association of Energy Engineers - Central Pennsylvania Chapter on January 21, 2010.

EDC Service Outage Response Reports

Executive Summary - Pennsylvania’s electric distribution companies (EDCs) were affected by several strong storm systems of varying meteorological circumstances in 2011.  All jurisdictional EDCs except one had at least one PUC reportable outage event in 2011. Released August 7, 2012.

To address these concerns, the Commission staff was tasked with preparing the following three reports:

Hurricane Irene Report

Summary Report of EDCs’ Handling of High-Call Volumes and Analysis of Storm and Severe Weather Data

Summary Report of Outage Information Required by Nov. 11, 2011 Order at Docket No. I-2011-2271989

Orders and Secretarial Letters

PPL Northeast Pocono Transmission Line Project
Consolidated Case View - Review the case and all its documents at Docket No. A-2012-2340872. Transmission Line Fact Sheet

Delayed Billing Issues
Secretarial Letter with information for electric generation suppliers (EDSs) who have failed to timely submit customer billing data to electric distribution companies (EDCs). Docket No. M-00021604.  Dated April 3, 2002.