Natural Gas

The PUC has jurisdiction over 35 gas utilities. It does not have jurisdiction over bottled propane gas, and most utilities owned and operated by cities, boroughs or townships are not regulated by the Commission. For information on these, contact your local municipality or the state Attorney General Office's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

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Review of Philadelphia Gas Works' Pipeline Replacement Program

On Jan.  12, 2015, the PUC initiated an in-depth staff review of the pipeline replacement program of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). The analysis was a follow-up to issues discussed at the Nov. 14, 2014, PUC-hosted en banc hearing related to the safety and aging infrastructure of PGW’s distribution system. PUC staff analyzed and identified opportunities to accelerate PGW’s pipeline replacement timetable while mitigating the financial impact on customers.

On April 21, 2015, the PUC published a staff report highlighting seven opportunities for consideration by PGW to accelerate the rate in which its at-risk pipe is being replaced. Summary of Opportunities


Natural Gas Outlook Report

Prepared by the Bureau of Technical Utility Services to provide insight into trends in the natural gas market, both nationwide and within Pennsylvania.  The report looks at changes and trends in many aspects of the natural gas market, including usage, financial status of utilities, and market pricing.

2018 Gas Outlook Report

2017 Gas Outlook Report

2016 Gas Outlook Report


Service Outage Response and Restoration Practices Proposed Rulemaking Order

Comments on the Proposed Rulemaking Order with respect to Service Outage Response and Restoration Practices, at Docket No. L-2009-2104274, and also in the matter of the Commission's Proposed Policy Statement with respect to Utility Service Outage Notification Guidelines at Docket No. M-2008-2065532, can be found on the Consumer Education page.

Revision of Guidelines to Implement Purchase of Receivables (POR)

The PUC issued a Secretarial letter to solicit comments regarding the possible revision of customer service guidelines to implement Purchase of Receivables (POR) Programs for natural gas distribution companies (NGDCs). These guidelines were established in 1999 during the transition to the Choice market in natural gas supply.

Secretarial Letter - Dated Oct. 16, 2008. Docket No. M-2008-2068982.

The Commission was concerned that the Guidelines could prevent an NGDC from terminating service to non-paying customers who purchase natural gas from natural gas suppliers (NGSs), and thus could create problems in the implementation of POR programs. Another concern was that the Guidelines may provide for the unequal treatment of customers, depending on whether they purchase natural gas supply from a NGDC or a NGS since NGDCs may terminate their own customers for non-payment. A third concern was that the Guidelines pre-date Chapter 14 of the Public Utility Code, and may need to be updated for consistency with the current law.

Because of these concerns, the Commission expressed a belief that the Guidelines should be re-examined and perhaps modified. The Secretarial Letter presented four specific questions for comment, and also invite interested parties to propose guidelines other than those involving consumer service that may be used in the design and operation of POR programs.

The deadline for filing comments was Nov. 5, 2008. Interested parties may file reply comments no later than Nov. 20, 2008. Docket No. M-2008-2068982.

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Winter Reliability

Pennsylvania Natural Gas Distribution Companies (NGDCs) expect natural gas supplies to be adequate for the expected demand in the 2017-18 winter heating season. NGDCs prepare for the winter season by utilizing their winter readiness programs that include: preventive maintenance on equipment and facilities; frost patrols; leak surveys; and regulator and meter inspections. These programs ensure natural gas service continues in a safe and reliable manner through periods of increased demand and below-freezing temperatures.

2017 Winter Readiness Overviews

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