Communications Assistance Programs to Get (or Stay) Connected

Telephone and broadband assistance programs are available for consumers with limited incomes. Programs are available to help keep telephone and broadband service connected, reduce monthly phone bills, help pay connection fees and avoid shutoffs. Eligibility is determined based on your income or participation in other assistance programs. Remember, when you are seeking assistance, each telephone company and/or program has different benefits and different restrictions. Some programs have restrictions on the optional services available to participants. Please contact your local telephone company if you wish to participate in any of the telephone and broadband assistance programs.

Follow the Path to PA Telephone Help - A brochure explaining telephone assistance programs. 

PA Telephone Companies - A list of phone numbers and addresses of Pennsylvania telephone companies.

Counties Served by Telephone Companies - A list of counties and the telephone companies serving each county.

Telephone Companies by Counties - A list of telephone companies and the counties that are served.


Lifeline Across America Website - The FCC website that provides information and resources regarding federal and state Lifeline programs.

Follow the Path to Lifeline - A fact sheet explaining Lifeline discounts on the telephone bill.

Wireless Lifeline Providers (Word) - A chart that lists the wireless telephone companies that provide Lifeline discounts in Pennsylvania through the federal Lifeline program. The chart describes and highlights each wireless company's service plan options.

Customer Participation - Lifeline and Link-Up information for all participating telephone companies in 2014 and 2015.