Filing Complaints

Complaints about regulated carriers regarding adequacy of service and/or safety may be directed to one of the PUC’s district offices (see Motor Carrier Staff Telephone Directory).

Informal Complaints

An informal complaint received in the district office is assigned to an enforcement officer for investigation. The complainant’s name is kept confidential; however, the officer may contact the complainant for additional information. When the investigation is completed, the officer’s findings are evaluated to determine if any action against the carrier is warranted. The complainant will be notified of the commission’s determination, as well as any action taken against the carrier.  

There is a general motor carrier complaint form available on this website.

Taxi Complaints

A taxi complaint form is available by calling the district office or using the taxi complaint form available on this website. These complaints are considered to be "informal complaints".

As of April 10, 2005, taxicab and limousine service in Philadelphia falls under the jurisdiction of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. To file a complaint regarding taxi or limousine service in Philadelphia, contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Formal Complaints

In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved through the informal complaint process (i.e., to the complainant’s satisfaction), the complainant may request a formal complaint form. A formal complaint is a legal proceeding usually resulting in a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, who gathers evidence and then makes a recommended decision, which the PUC commissioners rule on at a public meeting.