Obtain/File Information

Filing Information

All formal documents must be filed with the Secretary's Bureau in the file room on the second floor of the Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120. Documents may also be mailed to the PUC at P.O. Box 3265, Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265. The Commission will not accept documents delivered by fax or by e-mail.  

For overnight delivery, certified and priority mailings, it is best use the following address:

Pennsylvania PUC
Commonwealth Keystone Building - 2nd Floor
400 North Street
Harrisburg PA 17120

FAQ Regarding Electronic Submission of Testimony - Frequently Asked Questions regarding the electronic submission of pre-served testimony.

Large Filing Guidelines - Guidelines when filing 250+ pages with the Commission.

For detailed information on filing and obtaining information visit the Pennsylvania Code website at www.pacode.com and search under Title 52 Public Utilities.


Obtaining Information

Consumers can review files in the Harrisburg office. There is also a kiosk with a public computer available to use for research. You can use the public computer to assist you. When requesting to see a particular document, please provide the file docket number or date of a specific order.

Copies of officially filed documents can be obtained at the cost of 75 cents per page. Request for copies should be made to the Public Records Section by phone (717) 772-7777, fax (717) 787-0974 or e-mail at audbrown@pa.gov. DO NOT file Right to Know requests via this email.

Consumers can pay by check or money order. Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept credit card payments. Companies may have a corporate account billed for their copies. Call the Public Records Section for help in establishing a corporate account.