Yearly Publications & Reports

Annual Reports - The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Annual Reports.

Keystone Connection - The Keystone Connection report provides information about important developments in the electric, natural gas, telecommunications, transportation and water markets.

Biennial Report Pursuant to Section 1415 - On Nov. 30, 2004, Gov. Edward G. Rendell signed into law Senate Bill 677, also known as Act 201, the Responsible Utility Consumer Protection Act. The Act went into effect on Dec. 14, 2004, and amended Title 66 by adding Chapter 14. The legislation is applicable to electric distribution companies, water distribution companies and larger natural gas distribution companies (those having annual operating income in excess of $6 million).

Universal Service Reports - Starting with the 2002 report, the reports include information from electric distribution companies and natural gas distribution companies. The 2000 and 2001 reports includes only information from electric distribution companies.

CustomerService Performance Reports - The Customer Service Performance Report on electric distribution companies and natural gas companies in Pennsylvania. The Bureau of Consumer Services compiles the report.

Consumer Activities Report & Evaluation (UCARE) - This report is a valuable resource that allows consumers to review their local utility's customer service performance for each year. The report uses tables to graphically represent company performance of electric, gas, water and telephone utilities. Performance measures include consumer complaint rate, justified consumer complaint rate, response time to consumer complaints, payment arrangement request rate, justified payment arrangement request rate, response time to payment arrangement requests, infraction rate and termination rate.

Gas and Electric Cold Weather Survey Results - Annual survey showing the number of households entering the winter months without electric or gas service. Pennsylvanias major
electric and natural gas distribution companies are required to report this information each December.

2008 LIURP Report - A report by Penn State University, entitled Long Term Study of Pennsylvania's Low Income Usage Reduction Program: Results of Analyses and Discussion. The 2008 LIURP Report was released January 2009.

Rate Comparison Reports - Section 308.1(b) of the Public Utility Code requires the Public Utility Commission to file an Annual Rate Comparison Report with the Governor and the General Assembly on April 15, every year. 66 Pa. C.S. 308.1(b). This report compares all categories of ratepayers for all electric and gas public utilities so that a reasonably accurate comparison of rates can be made between similar ratepayers in different areas of the Commonwealth.

Electric Reports - Electric Service Reliability reports, AEPS Annual Reports and Electric Power Outlook Reports.

Natural Gas Reports - 2010 Natural Gas Trends and Development Report, 2010 Statistics Report and 2001 Customer Service Performance Report.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Keeping Pennsylvanians Safe - The Pa. House of Representatives introduced House Resolution 361 on Nov. 21, 2001, and issued it on Dec. 3, 2001. The Resolution tasked the PUC and PEMA to review analyze and evaluate infrastructure security protection and risk mitigation policies and other related security issues. This is the public version of the report and it is a 99 page PDF document.

House Resolution 506 Report - The report responds with the information requested by House Resolution 506 and includes the activities and actions taken by the PUC related to the transition to a fully competitive electricity market in Pennsylvania. Dated June 2008.