Smart Meter Technology Procurement and Installation

Act 129 of 2008 amended Section 2807 of the Public Utility Code by adding a requirement for electric distribution companies (EDCs) with greater than 100,000 customers to submit, for PUC approval, a smart meter technology procurement and installation plan. 66 Pa. C.S. 2807(f). All seven EDCs that were required to install smart meters have approved smart meter plans.


Smart Meter Deployment Schedule

FirstEnergy Smart Meter Schedule

PPL Electric Smart Meter Schedule

Duquesne Light Smart Meter Schedule

PECO Energy has largely completed their smart meter installations, if you have questions please contact PECO Energy at 800-494-4000.


Final Smart Meter Technology Procurement and Implementation Plans

PECO Energy - Docket No. M-2009-2123944

PPL Electric - Docket No. M-2014-2430781 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123945)

Duquesne Light - Docket No. P-2015-2497267 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123948)

Met-Ed - Docket No. M-2013-2341990 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123950)

Penelec - Docket No. M-2013-2341994 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123950)

Penn Power - Docket No. M-2013-2341993 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123950)

West Penn Power - Docket No. M-2013-2341991 (Ref. Docket No. M-2009-2123951)



Implementation Order – Smart Meter Procurement and Installation Implementation Order – Adopted at June 18, 2009, Public Meeting. Entered June 24, 2009. Docket No. M-2009-2092655.

Secretarial Letter - The Commission has extended the smart meter procurement and installation comment period to April 20, 2009 and the reply comment period to April 29, 2009. Docket No. M-2009-2092655.

Secretarial Letter - The PUC sought comments on specific smart meter deployment and capabilities and a smart meter implementation proposal. Comments were due by April 15, 2009.

Smart Meter Fact Sheet

Smart Meter Q&A - Downloadable PDF Fact sheet.


Electronic Data Exchange Working Group (EDEWG) Proposal for the Development of Smart Meter Data Exchange Standards 

Technical Implementation Final Order - Docket No. M-2009-2092655, from Public Meeting of June 30, 2016.

Smart Meter Procurement and Installation Final Order - Entered December 6, 2012, at Docket No. M-2009-2092655.

Tentative Order - This tentative order is in response to a filing related to the Smart Meter Implementation Order at Docket No. M-2009-2092655. Public Meeting of June 30, 2011.