On-Bill Financing Working Group

(Working Group is currently not active)

On August 2, 2012, the Commission adopted the Phase II Energy Efficiency and Conservation program Implementation Order.  In the Implementation Order, the Commission directed the Bureaus of Consumer Services and Technical Utility Services to initiate a working group “to investigate best practices from other states and identify working models of on-bill financing and on-bill repayment that address the concerns of the EDCs, consumer interest groups and other interested stakeholders.  The goal of the working group will be to determine the feasibility of the inclusion of on-bill financing and on-bill repayment programs and to identify potential options for customers to obtain low-cost financing for energy efficiency projects to meet the needs of Pennsylvania consumers.”


Working Group Staff Report

The On-Bill Financing Working Group Staff Report - Dated October 31, 2013, at Docket No. M-2012-2289411.

Working Group Meetings

A stakeholder meeting was held on November 16, 2012 to initiate the On-Bill Financing Working Group (OBFWG): 

On-Bill Financing Stakeholders' Meeting - Secretarial Letter served Oct. 17, 2012. Docket No. M-2012-2289411.

Reference material for Commission staff review (see Reference Material below) was submitted along with a proposed model for On-Bill Repayment for the Small Commercial and Industrial Sector:

The second meeting of the OBFWG was held on January 16, 2013 (Agenda). The majority of the discussion centered on the proposed model for small commercial. (Audio Recording: Part 1 - Part 2.) The following comments/suggestions/revisions to improve the model were received from working group members:

Energy Association of Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Fund
Energy Efficient Buildings Hub Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

Feedback to these questions as well as comments and suggestions to improve the proposed model were provided to the Commission.  The following links include feedback received.

Energy Efficient Buildings Hub  
Energy Association of Pennsylvania Industrial Consumer Group
PECO Pennsylvania Utility Law Project
Pennsylvania Housing Financing Agency Sustainable Energy Fund/KEEA/PennFuture/Sierra Club

The third meeting of the OBFWG was held on May 17, 2013. (Agenda) The following presentations were given at the meeting:

Proposed Model for Pilot Program

Synopsis of SEF Model:

Synopsis of PHFA Model:


On-Bill Financing/On-Bill Repayment Reference Materials

"Off-Bill" Financing for Small Commercial Sector

Energy Association of Pennsylvania - Sampling of Off-Bill Financing Options
PennFuture - List of Existing Off-Bill Financing for Small Commercial Sector