Global Telephone Order

Note: Due to the size of the Final Order in this proceeding, individual sections of the Order may be downloaded as well as the entire document. Links will be active upon availability of the Entered Order.

The following Individual Order Sections of the Global Telecommunications Order entered September 30, 1999, are available for download. Each section is in Microsoft Word 6.0 format. Appendix A is in Microsoft Excel 5.0 format. All other Appendices are in Microsoft Word 6.0 format.

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Individual Order Sections

Cover Sheet
Table of Contents

I Overview
II Procedural History
III Access Charges
IV Unbundled Network Elements
V UNE Platforms and EELS
VI Interconnection and Alternatives Including Collocation
VII Digital Tariffs and Other High Speed Technology Issues
VIII Calling Areas
IX Resale
X Universal Service Fund/Carrier Charge Pool
XI Lifeline
XII Consumer Education
XIII Rate Cap and Rate Ceiling
XIV Internet/Reciprocal Compensation
XV Operations Support Systems
XVI Separation of Wholesale/Retail Operation
XVII Performance Measures, Standards and Enforcement Remedies
XVIII Competitive Service Designation
XIX Section 271 Approval Process
XX Regulatory Parity/Filing Requirements
XXI Abbreviated Dispute Resolution Process
XXII Resolution of Certain Pending Dockets
XXIII Other Issues
XXIV Order
  Appendix A
  Appendix B
  Appendix C
  Appendix D
  Appendix E