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Statistics and Trends

While a small portion of the Pipeline Safety Division's findings lead to formal enforcement actions, the Pipeline Safety Division thoroughly investigates all methods and practices of pipeline companies, including reports, records and other information to evaluate compliance with state and federal regulations.  The voluntary cooperation of the pipeline company to provide the Pipeline Safety Division with full and open access to the operator's premises and records is essential to the effective operation of gas safety enforcement inspections. For this reason, inspection records and accident reports where a formal enforcement action has not been initiated are not made public.  Aggregated data is available on the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's (PHMSA) website. 

PHMSA Annual Reports

PHMSA Incident Trends

State Performance Metrics – US

State Performance Metrics - Pennsylvania


Data Submissions

Each year the Commission’s Pipeline Safety Division enters into an agreement with the U.S. DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA) to enforce the federal pipeline safety regulations.  As such, PHMSA audits the Pipeline Safety Division each year.  The PHMSA annual program evaluation is a review of the State agency’s pipeline safety program.  It includes an examination of State agency policies, plans, records, and procedures of the previous calendar year as well as the observation of the field inspection of a pipeline operator.

Please utilize the following spreadsheets when submitting data to the Pipeline Safety Division and do not alter the formats: 

FL-1 Data Templates - Natural Gas Distribution Companies

2023 Damage Prevention Statistics 

2023 Plastic System Failures 

2023 Leak Data 

2023 Inside Meter Sets 

2023 Steel and Plastic Coupling Failure 

2023 MAOP Verification 

2023 Master Meter Operators 

2023 Reportable Incidents 

FL-2 Data Templates - ACT 127 Companies

2023 ACT 127 Damage Prevention Statistics

2023 ACT 127 Steel and Plastic Mechanical Coupling Failures

2023 ACT 127 Construction and Maintenance Projects

2023 Gathering and Transmission Lines

2023 Type C Gathering Lines




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