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Pole Attachments

Pole Attachment Final Rulemaking 

Final Rulemaking Order - Order on the assumption of Commission Jurisdiction over pole attachments from the FCC. Public Meeting of August 29, 2019 at Docket No. L-2018-3002672 and entered on September 3, 2019.

  • Ordering Paragraph 5 of the Commission’s Final Rulemaking Order states that the final regulations will become effective upon publication in the PA Bulletin (January 18, 2020). However, the final regulation at Section 77.3(a) states that the Commission establishes regulatory authority over the rates, terms and conditions of access to and use of utility poles as of 60 days after the effective date of Chapter 77 – that would be March 18, 2020.

Pole Attachment Comments & Reply Comments

At the June 14, 2018 Public Meeting, Commissioner Kennard made a motion initiating a rulemaking to assert the Commission's jurisdiction over pole attachments and create a form for dispute resolution. Press Release

Comments for L-2018-3002672
Reply Comments for L-2018-3002672

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