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Carrier Working Group

CWG Background

Get the full background on the purpose of the Carrier Working Group and how it was formed.

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PA CWG Statement of Purpose/Guidelines for Participation
The Statement of Purpose/Guidelines for Participation describe the reasons for creating a PA CWG and provides a framework for the group's discussions. All participants are required to sign the Statement of Purpose/Guidelines for Participation.

PA CWG Agreement
The Agreement among PA CWG primary participants identifies the PA CWG as an informal process rather than as a formal on-the-record proceeding.

PA CWG Meetings

The PA CWG meetings are held on the second Tuesday of third month in each calendar quarter at 10:30 AM. The meetings are held telephonically unless otherwise noted. A conference bridge is provided.

The PA CWG is presently co-facilitated by an industry chairperson and two PUC staff members:

To request more information on PA CWG, email the Co-Chairs.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Review meeting agendas and minutes from the PA Carrier Working Group and its sub groups.

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PA CWG Secretarial Letters

Secretarial Letter
Comment and Reply Comment Schedule for M-00011468F0013 ? PMO II. Dated Aug. 6, 2007.

Secretarial Letter
Procedural Schedule for comment and reply comment on New York Public Service Commission. Dated December 1, 2003. Docket No. P-00991643.

PMO II Documents

PMO II Documents
Lists the documents related to the PMO II, including the Carrier to Carrier Guidelines and the Performance Assurance Plan (PAP).

PMO II Schedule
Secretarial Letter defers Pennsylvania's consideration of the recent changes to the New York Guidelines and the New York PAP until the PUC has approved the pending PMO II compliance filing. Dated February 12, 2003.

PMO II Secretarial Letter
The Secretarial Letter address Verizon's request to serve documents electronically. Dated January 9, 2003.

New York Compliance Filing May 2002
Redlined version of New York's compliance filing for May 2002 compared to the November 2001 version. This is a PDF document of 139 pages.

Letter Petition
The letter of petition for approval of the Performance Assurance Plan (PAP) settlement agreement between Verizon PA, AT&T and MCI WordCom. Dated May 6, 2002.
Docket Number M-00011468.

New York Public Service Commission CWG

New York Public Service Commission CWG


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