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On May 4, 2004, the PUC approved regulations to revise reliability performance metrics and reporting requirements for electric distribution companies (EDCs). The revised regulations help ensure EDCs maintain reliability performance at benchmark performance levels established prior to the pre-electric restructuring period. The EDCs report reliability performance data quarterly on a rolling 12-month basis. Commission staff ensures EDCs are in compliance by trending and monitoring data such as the frequency, duration and restoration times of power outages.

EDCs are expected to maintain their performance at the benchmark averages. However, there are performance standard allowances for EDCs who occasionally exceed the benchmark threshold due to factors such as increased stormy weather. If EDCs exceed the performance standard, the Commission may also perform additional monitoring and oversight of EDC’s reliability management system to ensure effectiveness.

Performance allowance standards for large EDCs (PECO, PPL, Met-Ed, Penelec, West Penn, Penn Power, and Duquesne) are 110 percent of benchmark for a rolling three-year period and 120 percent of the benchmark for a rolling 12-month period. For small EDCs (UGI, Citizens’, Pike County and Wellsboro) the standards are 110 percent of benchmark for a rolling three-year period and 135 percent of the benchmark for a rolling 12-month period.

The regulations also allow EDCs to file requests for a major event exclusion for large outage events beyond their control that does not count against their performance metrics.

Electric Reliability Standards (52 Pa. Code §§ 57.191-57.197)

On May 22, 2008, the Commission approved final regulations per Docket No. L-00040167 requiring EDCs to file biennial Inspection & Maintenance plans for inspection, maintenance, replacement, and repair of distribution system facilities that are designed to achieve reliability performance benchmarks.

For more information, use the Search for Public Documents feature at Docket Nos. M-00991220, L-00040167 and L-00030161.

Electric Service Reliability Reports

The Commission publishes an annual report discusses the reliability performance of EDCs operating under the Commission’s jurisdiction within the Commonwealth. Although the reliability of the bulk transmission system is integral to the overall reliability of electric service, this report focuses on the reliability of the electric distribution system.

The data contained in this report was obtained from the quarterly and annual reliability reports submitted by the EDCs pursuant to the Commission’s regulations. These annual reports provide an assessment of electric service reliability for each EDC’s service territory.

Reports - Link to the Electric Reports page where the Electric Service Reliability Reports reside.

Electric Power Outlook

Each public utility which produces, generates, distributes, or furnishes electricity must annually submit to the Commission information concerning its future plans to meet its customers’ demands. The law requires the Commission to prepare a report summarizing and discussing the data provided on or before September 1, and submit the report to the General Assembly, the Governor, the Office of Consumer Advocate and each affected public utility. In compliance with the requirements of the public utility law, the Commission adopted regulations at 52 Pa. Code §§ 57.141—57.154.

Annual Resource Planning Report Regulations - Link to the Pa Code.

Electric Power Outlook Reports - The information contained in these reports includes a brief description of the existing generation, transmission and distribution system for each EDC, highlights of the past year, information on EDCs’ projections of peak load and a discussion of historical trends in electric utility forecasting. The reports were prepared by the PUC’s Energy Planning Section.

Inspection and Maintenance Standards

On May 22, 2008, the Commission approved final regulations, at Docket No. L-00040167, to require EDCs to biennially file plans setting forth their plans for the periodic inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement of their facilities that are designed to meet their reliability benchmarks and standards. The regulations address vegetation management and inspection cycles for poles, overhead distribution lines, transformers, reclosers, substations and other critical system components.

Inspection and Maintenance Standards - Link to the Pa Code.

Winter Reliability

Pennsylvania Natural Gas Distribution Companies (NGDCs) expect natural gas supplies to be adequate for the expected demand in the 2023-24 winter heating season. NGDCs prepare for the winter season by utilizing their winter readiness programs that include: preventive maintenance on equipment and facilities; frost patrols; leak surveys; and regulator and meter inspections. These programs ensure natural gas service continues in a safe and reliable manner through periods of increased demand and below-freezing temperatures.

2023 Winter Readiness Overviews & Presentations

Summer Reliability

Electric Utilities typically experience their most damaging storms and weather during the summer months along with peak usage amounts. The electric utilities have provided their preparations for storms as well as for peak summer loading of the system.

2023 Summer Readiness Overviews



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