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Sustainable Energy Fund

Four funds were created as a result of the restructuring plans of five electric companies. The funds are designed to promote the development of sustainable and renewable energy programs and clean-air technologies on both a regional and statewide basis. The funds have provided more than $20 million in loans and $1.8 million in grants to over 100 projects. A Statewide Sustainable Energy Board was formed in 1999 to enhance communications among the four funds and state agencies. The board includes representatives from the Commission; the Department of Environmental Protection; the Department of Community and Economic Development; the Office of Consumer Advocate; the Pennsylvania Environmental Council; and each regional board.

The four renewable and sustainable energy funds include:

West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund - Docket No. M-00031715F0005.

Metropolitan Edison Company and Pennsylvania Electric Company Sustainable Energy Fund - Docket No. M-00031715F0004.

The Sustainable Energy Fund of Central Eastern Pennsylvania - Docket No. M-00031715F0003.

The Sustainable Development Fund - Managed by Reinvestment Fund at Docket No. M-00031715F0002.


Sustainable Energy Fund is seeking nominations for its Board of Directors

The Sustainable Development Fund for the PECO service territory (SDF) is seeking nominees to its board of directors.

SDF was created by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in its 1998 Order in the PECO electric utility restructuring proceeding and received funding in both the 1998 restructuring proceeding and the 2000 PECO merger proceeding.

SDF’s mission is to promote renewable and other clean energy technologies; energy conservation and energy efficiency; and the start-up, attraction, expansion and retention of sustainable energy businesses in the PECO service territory.

SDF seeks to fulfill its mission by providing loans and grants.  SDF is managed by Reinvestment Fund, a nonprofit community lending organization.

The full nomination announcement, which addresses the nomination process, the selection criteria for board members and the timing of the process, can be found on the SDF website.

Nominations must be received by email by Friday, February 26, 2021 at 5 PM.


Statewide Sustainable Energy Board

Board Meeting

Board Meeting Announcement Letter - The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held virtually through Microsoft Teams on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 1 PM.

To watch the Board Meeting, you can join the Microsoft Teams Live Event here: Annual Public Meeting of the Sustainable Energy Funds – 2020 Activities  

2020 Annual Meeting Presentation


PA Sustainable Energy Board Best Practices - Approved at the Public Meeting of April 11, 2019 at Docket No. M-00031715.

PA Sustainable Energy Board By Laws - Approved at the Public Meeting of May 19, 2016. Docket No. M-00031715. Errata Notice - Public Meeting of May 19, 2016 at Docket No. M-00031715.

PASEB Best Practices - Order approving the PASEB Best Practices from the Public Meeting of March 1, 2007. Docket No. M-00031715.

Best Practices for Regional Sustainable Energy Funds

Guidelines for Inquiries and Applications for Grants, Loans & Equity Investments

Guidelines for Nomination, Election & Approval of Directors

Guidelines for Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest & Confidentiality Policy

Guidelines for Reconsideration & Appeal

Annual Reports

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