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For most concerns with a PUC-regulated utility, you must contact the utility before you file a complaint through the PUC. If you have a problem with a utility and have already contacted the utility, filing a complaint is the next step.

Two types of complaints can be filed with the PUC—informal or formal. Common informal complaints include residential billing issues, service quality and payment arrangement requests. Common formal complaints include rate protests.

We recommend that you use the informal complaint process first, since many issues are resolved sooner through this simpler process.

Consumers and businesses may also search for decisions and orders from previously filed formal complaints.



Informal Complaints

Start here for most concerns. Complete a simple online form to have your problem reviewed. This does not involve a legal proceeding.  


Formal Complaints

A formal complaint, including for rate increases, begins a legal proceeding where the complainant presents evidence and a judge issues a decision.      


Search for Formal Complaints

Search for previously-filed formal complaints against utilities. These complaints are only one measure of a company's service.


Protest to an Application

This makes you a party to the case before a judge, where you will be responsible to present testimony, exhibits & much more.

Comments to an Application

Filing comments will not make you a party to the case, but the comments may be reviewed by the Commission during the adjudication of the case.


Motor Carrier Complaints

For concerns of service quality or safety regarding regulated motor carriers, download and complete this form, then mail it to a local PUC district office.


Taxi, Limo & TNC Complaints

Complete an online informal complaint form for an incident involving a taxicab, limousine or transportation network company (Uber, Lyft).


Rail Crossing Complaints

Report a dangerous or inadequate condition at a public highway-railroad crossing by filing either an informal or formal complaint.


Review the following publications for checklists and tips to help you successfully follow the complaint-filing process.      

Consumer Complaint Procedures Guide

Complaint Process and Your Options

Proceso de Quejas y Sus Opciones

Complaint Checklist: Before You File

Customer Assistance Program Complaints

Is your complaint about a customer assistance program (CAP) where you get a reduced utility bill based on household size and income?

The law prohibits the PUC from ordering a payment agreement for an outstanding balance resulting from CAP rates. However, the PUC can review your account to make sure the company applied its CAP rules correctly, to verify that the CAP balance is accurate, and to make sure CAP is the most beneficial option for your situation. Note that each utility company has a different name for its CAP.

Complaints Against Services Not Regulated by the PUC

To file a complaint against a utility or service not regulated by the PUC, you must contact a different organization. Below is helpful contact information for common services not under the jurisdiction of the PUC.

Service Contact
Rural Electric Cooperatives PA Rural Electric Association
Utilities Owned and Operated by Cities, Boroughs or Townships that operate wholly within their limits. Contact the service provider.
Cable TV Companies

Check your cable television bill for the name of the governing body, or the Federal Communications Commission   (FCC).

Cellular or Wireless Phone Companies Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Bottled Propane Gas Companies Office of Attorney General
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Oil Companies Office of Attorney General
Bureau of Consumer Protection



Need More Help?

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please contact the PA Public Utility Commission. Call us at 1-800-692-7380 or contact us online.

Document Search

Public utility documents available electronically include case dockets, public meeting orders and more.

Filing & Resources

Find utility-related reports, laws and regulations, federal filings, tariffs, procedures and more.


Consumers, utilities and attorneys can save time by submitting documents to the PUC electronically.