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Docket Number C-2015-2493291

Docket Number C-2015-2493291 Status Closed
Applicant Utility Code 9918025
Respondent JESSIE IRWIN MURPHY Utility Type Non-Certificated
Responsible Bureau BIE eFiling Confirmation Number
Date Filed 07/17/2015 Date Posted 09/10/2015
Case Description Received complaints from PUC licensed taxi carriers that unauthorized passenger carriers (jitneys) were operating at Amtrak Train Station, Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County). Plainclothes sting operation was conducted on 7/16/15. EO Urey was in plainclothes and respondent held himself out to offer passenger transportation for $25.00. A DVCR was completed on the move. ****This respondent has been apprehended by PUC in 2011 and in 2013. I have attached both previous cases to this report. Recommended vehicle registration be suspended through Penndot & a severe monetary penalty be issued.
Action Date Description Date Posted
3/15/2016 Document Published on Web - Document 'Certificate of Satisfaction - BIE' is made public 3/15/2016
3/15/2016 Document Attached to Case - Certificate of Satisfaction - BIE - PA PUC Bureau of Investigation & Enforcement filed Certificate of Satisfaction of Commission Complaint. 3/15/2016
3/9/2016 Document Published on Web - Document 'Fine Payment-Jessie Irwin Murphy' is made public 3/9/2016
3/9/2016 Document Attached to Case - Fine Payment-Jessie Irwin Murphy - Jessie Irwin Murphy filed Fine Payment 3/9/2016
2/18/2016 Document Attached to Case - Fine Payment - Jesse Murphy - Jesse Murphy filed $325.00 Cashier's Check for fine payment. 2/18/2016
2/18/2016 Document Published on Web - Document 'Fine Payment - Jesse Murphy' is made public 2/18/2016
9/29/2015 Document Attached to Case - Answer to Commission Complaint - Jesse I Murphy - Jesse I Murphy filed Answer to Commission Complaint. 9/29/2015
9/29/2015 Document Published on Web - Document 'Answer to Commission Complaint - Jesse I Murphy' is made public 9/29/2015
9/10/2015 Document Published on Web - Document 'C-2015-2493291 bie complnt letter.doc' is made public 9/10/2015
9/10/2015 Document Served - Other - See Comments - TAS COMPLAINT FOR VARIOUS VIOLATIONS SERVED FOR ANSWER DUE 9/30/15 9/10/2015
9/10/2015 Approve C Docket Assignment - Other - See Comments 9/10/2015
Document Name Document Type eFiling Confirmation Number Date Received Post On Date Date Served Reference Docket Number
CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION - BIE Certificate of Satisfaction 3/14/2016 3/15/2016 C-2015-2493291
FINE PAYMENT-JESSIE IRWIN MURPHY Fine Payment 3/7/2016 3/9/2016 C-2015-2493291
FINE PAYMENT - JESSE MURPHY Fine Payment 2/10/2016 2/18/2016 C-2015-2493291
ANSWER TO COMMISSION COMPLAINT - JESSE I MURPHY Answer to Commission Complaint 9/22/2015 9/29/2015 C-2015-2493291
C-2015-2493291 BIE COMPLNT LETTER.DOC Secretarial Letter 9/10/2015 9/10/2015 C-2015-2493291


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