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Docket Number R-2016-2549917

Docket Number R-2016-2549917 Status Closed
Applicant RAMSEY'S MOVING SYSTEMS LLC Utility Code 706321
Complainant Utility Name RAMSEYS MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC
Respondent Utility Type Truck
Responsible Bureau TUS eFiling Confirmation Number
Date Filed 06/01/2016 Date Posted 06/08/2016
Case Description Ramsey's Moving Systems LLC submitted tariff # 54 to increase and decrease rates charged for Carrier of Household Goods Authority with effective date of June 27, 2016.
Action Date Description Date Posted
6/8/2016 Case Created - R-2016-2549917 - Ramsey's Moving Systems LLC filed both a rate increase and decrease in hourly rates. 6/8/2016
6/8/2016 Document Published on Web - Document 'Rate Increase Filing' is made public 6/8/2016
6/8/2016 Assigned Responsible Bureau - TUS 6/8/2016
Document Name Document Type eFiling Confirmation Number Date Received Post On Date Date Served Reference Docket Number
RATE INCREASE FILING Rate Increase Filing 6/1/2016 6/8/2016 R-2016-2549917


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