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PA CWG Purpose & Background Information

The PUC adopted the PMO II order on December 10, 2002, establishing a new set of performance metrics to define and measure the quality of wholesale services that are provided by Verizon PA Inc. to competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Docket No. M-00011468.

While some standards test for parity in the quality of wholesale and retail services, others are based upon specific benchmarks. The Commission also adopted new remedies that will result in self-executing payments by Verizon PA to the CLECs when Verizon PA’s performance fails to meet specific articulated standards. The adopted performance metrics and remedies go into effect on April 1, 2003.

In addition to developing new metrics and remedies, the December order also created the Pennsylvania Carrier Working Group (PA CWG).

Purpose of PA CWG

The purpose of the PA CWG is to assist Verizon PA and CLECs in resolving future metrics and remedies issues and to coordinate with similar groups in other jurisdictions. While encouraging consistency in metrics and remedies across the traditional Verizon footprint, the Commission also recognized that some CLECs do not operate in every state; the same products are not available in all states; and states are experiencing varying operational problems and following different timelines.

Participation in PA CWG

Primary participation in the PA CWG is open to Pennsylvania incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs); CLECs; Commission staff; and statutory advocates and their consultants. Secondary participation is open to such entities from other jurisdictions.

PA CWG Meetings

The PA CWG held its organizational meeting on February 12, 2003, in Harrisburg, which was attended by PUC staff from the Bureau of Fixed Utility Services, the Bureau of Consumer Services and the Law Bureau, as well as representatives of Verizon PA, the Office of Consumer Advocate, the Office of Small Business Advocate and nine CLECs. At that meeting, the group established a schedule to address compliance with the fourth quarter 2002 metrics changes and the first quarter 2003 remedies changes adopted by the New York Public Service Commission (PSC). The PA CWG also worked out a process and timeline for addressing further changes that flow from the New York PSC.

Topics slated for immediate PA CWG attention include consideration of the recent New York metrics and remedies changes, as noted above; directory listing/white pages (DL/WP) metrics and remedies; and billing accuracy metrics and remedies. A subgroup has been designated to work on website issues such as postings and links.

PA CWG Co-Chairs

The PA CWG is presently co-facilitated by two PUC staff members:

To request more information on PA CWG, email the Co-Chairs.

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