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Offices and Staff Directory

Overseen by a five appointed commissioners, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission employs more than 500 people across 12 distinct offices and bureaus who report to the Executive Director.

Read on to learn more about the roles of each office and bureau and how to contact key employees.


The PUC Organization

Take a look at our organizational chart to see how each of the PUC offices and bureaus are connected.

Organizational Chart

Chairman and Commissioners

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is overseen by a group of five commissioners appointed by the state's governor for five-year terms. The group includes a chairman, vice chairman, and three commissioners-at-large.

Commissioner Contact Information

Chairman Stephen M. DeFrank
Phone: 717-787-4301
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Vice Chair Kimberly M. Barrow
Phone: 717-787-1031
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Commissioner Ralph V. Yanora
Phone: 717-705-6767
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Commissioner Kathryn L. Zerfuss
Phone: 717-783-1763
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Commissioner John F. Coleman
Phone: 717-772-0692
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Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day management of the Commission functions and staff. This position is responsible for the planning, direction and organization of the overall operations of the Commission. Also, the executive director develops, recommends to the Commissioners and implements the PUC’s strategic plans and policies.

Executive Offices

Jennifer Berrier, Executive Director
Phone: 717-783-1240

Vacant, Director of Regulatory Affairs

Wendy Freet, Administrative Officer
Phone: 717-783-8156

Dan Mumford, Director of the Office of Competitive Market Oversight
Phone: 717-783-1957
Fax: 717-231-4762


Director of Regulatory Affairs

The Director of Regulatory Affairs oversees the PUC’s bureaus with regulatory functions, including the Bureau of Audits, the Bureau of Consumer Services, the Bureau of Technical Utility Services, the Office of Special Assistants and the Office of Administrative Law Judge . The Director of Regulatory Affairs also is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and overseeing regulatory staff.

Contact Information

Vacant, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Phone: 717-783-8156

Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration is responsible for overseeing administrative and personnel functions. The Bureau is comprised of the Office of Human Resources, which is responsible for handling all personnel issues, and providing administrative and advisory services to all PUC management; Management Information Systems which oversees information and technology; and the Office of Administrative Services which is responsible for the preparation of the Commission’s budget, collection of assessments, various fiscal operations, processing of contracts, and office services.

Bureau Director's Office

Robert Gramola, Director
Phone: 717-783-5375
Fax: 717-231-4770

Danielle Wilbert, Administrator
Phone: 717-787-4443
Fax: 717-231-4770

Financial and Assessments

Amy Zuvich, Chief
Phone: 717-783-6806
Fax: 717-231-4770

Management Information Systems

Damon Anderson, Chief
Phone: 717-787-3603

Office Services

Terri Benzel, Procurement
Phone: 717-772-2152

Elizabeth McLaughlin, Duplicating
Phone: 717-783-3759

Phone: 717-231-4767

Human Resource Office

Michael Roberts, Human Resource Director
Phone: 717-787-8714
Fax: 717-213-8074

Office of Administrative Law Judge

The Office of Administrative Law Judge (OALJ) provides conflict resolution by independent administrative law judges. Judges preside at formal hearings in contested matters before the PUC, gather all the facts relating to an individual case, prepare written decisions outlining the issues and recommend resolutions to the disputes.

The OALJ includes a mediation unit and a mediation coordinator. It is the PUC’s policy to encourage mediation and settlement rather than to see the parties engage in what may become lengthy and expensive litigation during the formal hearing process. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and non-binding process through which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement of their disputes.

Learn More About Mediation

Bureau Director's Office

Charles E. Rainey Jr., Chief Administrative Law Judge
Phone: 717-787-1191

Vacant, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-787-4497 
Fax: 717-213-6812


Matt Homsher, Legal Division Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-3988

Mediation Unit

Cindy Lehman, Mediation Coordinator
Phone: 717-783-5428

Teri-Lee Rhoades, Mediation Attorney
Phone: 717-787-5633


Deana Schleig, Administrative Officer
Phone: 717-783-9959

Harrisburg Administrative Law Judge Office

Judge Dennis J. Buckley
Judge Gail Chiodo
Judge Steven Haas
Judge Charece Collins
Judge John Coogan

Phone: 717-787-1191 
Fax: 717-213-6812

Philadelphia Administrative Law Judge Office

Judge Arlene Ashton
Judge F. Joseph Brady
Judge Marta Guhl
Judge Darlene Heep
Judge Christopher P. Pell
Judge Eranda Vero

Phone: 215-560-2105
Fax: 717-231-4764


Pittsburgh Administrative Law Judge Office

Judge Emily DeVoe
Judge Katrina L. Dunderdale
Judge Mark A. Hoyer
Judge Conrad A. Johnson
Judge Mary D. Long
Judge Jeffrey Watson

Phone: 412-565-3550
Fax: 717-231-4765

Bureau of Audits

The Bureau of Audits is responsible for the conduct of audit activity of Pennsylvania fixed utilities, including Adjustment Clause Audits, Financial Audits and Management Audits and Management Efficiency Investigations.

Adjustment Clause Audits

Gas, steam-heat and certain municipal electric utilities require an annual adjustment clause audit as mandated by the legislature. The audits verify the energy costs incurred by a utility, determining if the utility overbilled or underbilled customers for yearly energy charges. The PUC then decides if customer rates will be appropriately reduced or increased. The bureau performs audits of certain water utilities that are authorized to charge ratepayers a Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC). The DSIC enables water utilities to accelerate compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Audits are conducted to ensure that only Commission-authorized expenses are included in the DSIC rates. Certain electric utilities impacted by the Electric Competition Act are authorized to recover a portion of their stranded costs through Competitive and Intangible Transition Charges. The utilities are required to file annual reconciliation statements associated with the application of these charges. The bureau will perform audits designed to determine the accuracy and the propriety of the reconciliation statements.

Bureau Director's Office

Kelly Monaghan, Director
Phone: 717-772-0312

Roshan Geszvain, Administrator
Phone: 717-783-5000

Financial Audits

These audits cover a wide variety of financial issues. They also include original cost audits (OC), original cost studies (OCS), and continuing property records audits (CPR). The audits determine the propriety of the property, plant and equipment records together with an evaluation of the usefulness of that equipment. The CPR audits are scheduled on a five-year cycle whereas the OC audits are dependent upon certain conditions being met and the utility submitting an OC study. Compliance audits examine a broad range of utility operations and determine adherence to prescribed laws and regulations.

Lori Burger, Manager
Eastern & Western Regions
Phone: 717-425-7847

Walter Burd, Supervisor 
Phone: 717-772-0315

Deron Henry, Supervisor
Phone: 717-772-0304

Porus Irani, Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-7234

Barbara A. Sidor, Supervisor
Phone: 412-423-9301

Management Audits & Investigation

Management audits are performed to determine the extent to which a utility has contained costs; developed reasonable long-range and short-range plans for its continued operation and maintenance; provided proper service to customers; and provided proper management and organizational structure. Management efficiency investigations examine management effectiveness and the operating efficiency of the utilities and also assess the utilities' progress in implementing recommendations from prior management audits. The audits are mandated for approximately 32 large and medium-size fixed utilities. These utilities must be audited every five to eight years. There are a few hundred utilities, with plant-in-service of less than $10 million, subject to audit procedures on an as-needed basis. Bureau staff generally performs such audits as a result of a specific problem or complaint.

Nathan Paul, Manager
Phone: 717-214-8249

Krystle Daugherty, Supervisor
Eastern Region: Harrisburg
Phone: 717-772-0300

Melissa Lawrence, Supervisor 
Western Region: Pittsburgh
Phone: 412-820-2602

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications is accountable for Commission media relations, employee communications and consumer education, in addition to acting as the lead staff for the Consumer Advisory Council. The Office of Communications is responsible for issuing press releases, responding to media calls, special consumer-education campaigns, distributing educational materials, informing consumers about programs and rights, creating internal and external newsletters and other publications, and coordinating the PUC's website.

Bureau Director's Office

Tom Charles, Director
Phone: 717-787-9504

Riley Schaefer, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-783-9998

Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, Press Secretary
Phone: 717-418-2701

Community Relations
Phone: 717-787-5722
Fax: 717-231-4761

Bureau of Consumer Services

The Bureau of Consumer Services responds to consumer complaints, provides utility-related information to consumers and monitors utility compliance with PUC regulations and evaluates utility performance. The bureau consists of a Division of Customer Assistance and Complaints and a Division of Policy. 

Bureau Director's Office

Lori Mohr, Director
Phone: 717-783-1661

Tracy Robinson, Administrator Officer
Phone: 717-787-4963
Fax: 717-265-8273


The Division of Policy monitors and evaluates the customer service practices and programs of utilities. This is done, in part, by completing field reviews of utilities’ operations and by reviewing complaints. The division also works to ensure that utilities comply with customer service regulations including regulations pertaining to the Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) and the Commission’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Policy Statement. The division uses its Consumer Services Information System (CSIS) to track trends in the number and type of consumer complaints and inquiries, utility performance at handling customer complaints and payment arrangement requests and to monitor LIURP. The information in the CSIS, other bureau databases and findings from the division's field reviews permit the bureau to analyze utility performance and produce evaluative reports for the PUC, utilities and the public.

Matt Hrivnak, Division Chief
Phone: 717-783-9090
Fax: 717-265-8273

Customer Assistance & Complaint Division (CACD)

This division is responsible for answering questions and handling complaints about electric, electric restructuring, utility competition, natural gas, telephone, steam heat, water and wastewater companies. Investigators arbitrate billing, credit and miscellaneous problems and issue binding decisions for resolving informal complaints. The division’s 1-800-692-7380 line handles customer questions and complaints. This division also helps to ensure that consumers subject to termination have the opportunity for Commission review. Consumers can also call if they have questions about the restructuring of the electric industry and utility competition.

Phone: 717-783-5187
Fax: 717-265-8273

General Information
Phone: 800-692-7380

  • Terminations, Informal Complaints and Consumer Hotline
  • Payment Arrangement Requests
  • General Complaints


Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement

The Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement serves as the prosecutory bureau for purposes of representing the public interest in ratemaking and service matters before the Office of Administrative Law Judge, and enforcing compliance with the state and federal motor carrier safety and gas safety laws and regulations. The bureau handles rail safety enforcement proceedings that are referred by the Bureau of Technical Utility Services. The Bureau also prepares reports for the Commission, provides technical support for other bureaus and participates in working groups on energy issues.

Bureau Director's Office

Allison Kaster, Director and Chief Prosecutor
Phone: 717-783-6184

Vacant, Administrator
Phone: 717-787-4887
Fax: 717-231-4760


Lisa Gumby, Fixed Utility Manager
Phone: 717-214-3857


Vacant, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
Phone: 717-783-7998


Michael Swindler, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
Phone: 717-783-6369

Pipeline Safety

Rob Horensky, Manager, Gas Safety
Phone: 717-787-1063

Motor Carrier Inspection

Vacant, Chief of Enforcement
Phone: 717-787-7598 or 570-963-4590

Vacant, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-783-3847
Fax: 717-231-4760

Phillip Jones, New Entrant Administrator
Phone: 570-963-4590

Motor Carrier Safety

Vacant, Chief of Enforcement
Phone: 717-787-7598 or 570-963-4590
Fax: 717-231-4760

Motor Carrier Enforcement Pittsburgh & Altoona District Office

Brian Mehus, Manager
Phone: 412-423-9310 or 717-787-7598 or 570-963-4594 
Fax: 717-231-5783

Motor Carrier Enforcement Philadelphia District Office

Anthony Bianco, Manager
Phone: 215-965-3721
Fax: 717-231-5785

Motor Carrier Enforcement Harrisburg District Office

Alan Taylor, Manager
Phone: 717-787-7598 or 570-963-4594
Fax: 717-231-4760

Motor Carrier Enforcement Scranton District Office

Alan Taylor, Manager
Phone: 570-963-4590 or 717-787-7598
Fax: 717-231-5786

Law Bureau

The Law Bureau provides legal support to other Commission bureaus and the Commission directly on regulatory matters involving fixed utilities and common carriers. Law Bureau attorneys represent the Commission in all appellate and original jurisdiction actions before state and federal courts.

The Commission has authorized the Law Bureau to intervene in cases before federal forums in which communications and energy related issues affecting Pennsylvania are decided. It surveys issues and proceedings before federal agencies, courts and the Congress with the aim of formulating appropriate Commission input when public utility issues arise.

Bureau Director's Office

David Screven, Chief Counsel
Phone: 717-787-5000

Susan Bennett, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-231-5784

Vikki Moore, Administrator
Phone:  717-787-6173

Deputy Chief Counsels

Vacant, Executive Deputy Chief Counsel General/Transportation
Phone: 717-783-3714
Fax: 717-231-5784

Elizabeth H. Barnes, Federal Energy, Legislative and Regulatory Review
Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-231-5784

Kriss Brown, Electric & Gas
Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-231-5784

Vacant, Telecommunications & Pole Attachment
Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-231-5784

Vacant, Water & Wastewater
Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-231-5784

Library and Regulatory Coordinator

Karen Thorne, Librarian & Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: 717-772-4597

Office of Legislative Affairs

The Director of Legislative Affairs is the Commission’s link with the state General Assembly, the Governor’s Administration, the U.S. Congress and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. It is also responsible for contact with the Independent Regulatory Review Commission regarding Commission regulations. The office receives hundreds of inquiries regarding utility matters and constituent problems and directs the flow of information for a timely resolution.

Bureau Director's Office

J.J. Livingston, Director
Phone: 717-787-3256

Carrie Sheriff, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-787-3256
Fax: 717-231-4763

James Dougherty, Deputy Director
Phone: 717-787-3256

Secretary's Bureau

The Secretary is the Commission’s officer over whose signature all official actions and decisions are issued. The Secretary serves as the prothonotary of the Commission and is thereby responsible for the acceptance of filings and the docketing, safekeeping, control, dissemination, retention and retrieval of all documents. All correspondence and filings before the Commission must be addressed to the Secretary.

After formal Commission action, the Secretary’s Bureau is responsible for dissemination of necessary information and the service of all official actions. This is accomplished by issuing an Order or Secretarial Letter to all appropriate parties or individuals whether they be internal staff, participants to a proceeding, or members of the general public.

The Secretary's Bureau coordinates the development of the Commission’s public meeting agenda, and the Secretary and/or Assistant Secretary sits at all formal public meetings of the Commission to ensure that the agenda is completed and that the minutes are properly recorded and subsequently maintained.

Mailing Address

Secretary's Bureau
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Bureau Director's Office

Rosemary Chiavetta, Secretary
Phone: 717-772-7777

Christine Hodge, Assistant Secretary
Phone: 717-787-8147

Angel Elwell, Administrator
Phone: 717-787-5700
Fax: 717-231-4766

Document Control and Record Maintenance

Shirley Spunaugle, Manager
Phone: 717-772-4945

Compliance and Assignment

Jodi Hillman-Taylor, Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-6751

Ariel Wolf, Supervisor
Phone: 717-783-0703
Fax: 717-231-5787

Record Retention & Microfilm

Audley Brown, Supervisor
Phone: 717-214-6214

Receptionist, File Requests and Requests for Copies of Documents
Phone: 717-772-7777

Office of Special Assistants

The Office of Special Assistants (OSA) provides technical and legal assistance to the Commissioners in all aspects of public utility regulation and enforcement. It is the coordinator of the preparation of final Commission orders. Duties include preparing final orders; reviewing Administrative Law Judge decisions; administering requests for extensions of time to file exceptions and/or reply exceptions to Initial Decisions; and reviewing petitions for rehearing, reconsideration, modification or clarification of final Commission orders.

Bureau Director's Office

Kim Hafner, Director
Phone: 717-787-1827

Laura Jarvie, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-787-1827
Fax: 717-231-5789

Elizabeth Lion Januzzi, Deputy Director Legal
Phone: 717-787-1827

Vacant, Deputy Director Technical
Phone: 717-783-3930

LeAnn Scheiber, Administrator
Phone: 717-787-1914

Bureau of Technical Utility Services

The Bureau of Technical Utility Services serves as the principal technical advisory bureau to the Commission regarding fixed and transportation utility regulatory matters, as well as serves as an adviser to the PUC on technical issues for electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and telecommunications utilities. The Bureau offers policy recommendations on rates, tariffs and regulatory matters, processes fixed utility applications, and coordinates emergency operations of utilities. The Bureau processes filings such as securities certificates and affiliated interest agreements. The Bureau also reviews and maintains county 911 system plans; telecommunications relay service reports; annual financial reports; and utility tariffs.

Bureau Director's Office

Paul Diskin, Director
Phone: 717-783-5242

Darren Gill, Deputy Director
Phone: 717-783-5244

Vacant, Executive Secretary
Phone: 717-783-5242

Christina Klinger, Administrator
Phone: 717-787-9382
Fax: 717-231-5788


Darren Gill, Deputy Director
Phone: 717-783-5244

Debra Backer, Energy Supervisor
Phone: 717-783-9787

Joseph Sherrick, Policy & Planning/Conservation Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-5369

Reliability/Emergency Preparedness

Dan Searfoorce, Manager
Phone: 717-783-6159

John Van Zant, Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-3810


Get information on rates and ratemaking, PENNVEST, affiliated interest agreements, viability, applications, metering, main extensions, operational and technical compliance and utility plant inspections.

Dan Searfoorce, Manager
Phone: 717-783-6159
Fax: 717-231-5788

Sean Donnelly, Supervisor
Phone: 717-783-2505
Fax: 717-231-5788


Erin Laudenslager, Manager
Phone: 717-705-4364

Derek Vogelsong, Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-5550


Get information on tariffs, annual reports, rate of return and income taxes.

Erin Laudenslager, Manager
Phone: 717-705-4364
Fax: 717-231-5788

Vacant, Supervisor
Phone: 717-705-0934

Motor Carrier Compliance Office

Erin Laudenslager, Manager
Phone: 717-705-4364

Tatjana Roth, Motor Carrier Compliance Chief
Phone: 717-787-1168


Tariffs and Insurance

Motor Carrier Applications

Phone: 717-787-3834

Motor Carrier Tariffs

Phone: 717-214-7155

Motor Carrier Insurance

Phone: 717-787-1227

Railroad Safety

Rodney D. Bender, Manager
Phone: 717-787-9732

Cheyenne Smith, Clerical/Administrative Support
Phone 717-787-5188
Fax: 717-213-8069

Rail - FRA Program

Michael Ponder, Supervisor East Region
Phone: 717-782-5943
Fax: 717-213-8069

John Hancock, Supervisor West Region
Phone: 717-787-5188

Rail Safety Engineering

William Sinick, Supervisor
Phone: 717-787-5936
Fax: 717-213-8069

Safety Division

Pipeline Safety - Northwest/Southwest


David D. Kline (NW)
Cell: 717-315-1097

Pipeline Safety - South Central


Bob Biggard
Cell: 717-554-2286

Pipeline Safety - Southeast


Terri C. Cooper Smith
Cell: 717-315-1481

Pipeline Safety - North Central/Northeast


Michael Chilek
Cell: 717-315-1180

Electric Safety


Brent Killian
Office: 717-787-2424
Cell: 717-836-5227

One Call - Damage Prevention


Sara Locke
Office: 717-772-8584

Administrative Support

Pipeline Safety

Vacant, Administrative Assistant
Office: 717-787-3416


Mailing Address

PA Public Utility Commission
Bureau of Investigation & Enforcement
Safety Division
Commonwealth Keystone Bldg.
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

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