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Retail Markets Working Group

The Commission’s Retail Markets Working Group (RMWG) was established by the Final Policy Statement on Default Service and Retail Electric Markets issued at Docket No. M-00072009. The purpose of the RMWG is to explore opportunities to enhance customer choice and facilitate the development of retail markets. Some specific issues have been referred to the RMWG and the expectation is that after reasonable study and examination, the RMWG will provide policy recommendations for the Commission’s consideration. As the RMWG moves to consider specific issues, proposals and comments will be posted to this web page.

Rate Ready Billing System Report

Pursuant to the Commission’s order in PPL Electric Utilities Corporation Retail Markets, the Retail Markets Working Group has filed its Report on Rate Ready billing platforms. An independent Commission staff report on this issue was filed on Friday, August 6, 2010. The Commission is expected to issue both Reports for comment in the near future.

Retail Markets Working Group Rate Ready Report - Dated August 6, 2010 at Docket No. M-2010-2189433.

Retail Markets Working Group Rate Ready Billing System Report - Appendix - Dated July 23, 2010 at Docket No. M-2010-2189433.

Customer Referral Program

Consistent with the Commission’s Final Policy Statement on Default Service and Retail Markets, Commission Staff issued a discussion draft of a customer referral program to the RMWG on Jan. 5, 2010. Comments to that Staff discussion draft were received on Jan. 26, 2010. Commission Staff is now reviewing those comments and will advise the working group of next steps over the next week. Below are the Staff discussion draft and the comments received.

Draft Customer Referral Program - The Commission's Staff draft of the Customer Referral Program. Dated Jan. 5, 2010.



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