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Small Gas Companies Important Information

Small natural gas utilities are defined by the Public Utility Code as having annual intrastate operating revenues under $40 million. The PUC currently has 15 small natural gas utilities under its jurisdiction.

Because of operational and staff limitations at many of these companies, the Commission has recognized the need for additional guidance on Public Utility Code procedures. The topics listed below are designed to help small natural gas utilities gain some understanding of the processes involved for establishing base rates; filing tariffs, annual reports and affiliated interest agreements; and terminating delinquent accounts.



Final Rulemaking Order - Final Rulemaking for Revision of 52 Pa. Code, Chapter 53 §§ 53.61-53.68, pertaining to the Recovery of Fuel Costs by Gas Utilities. Docket No. L-2013-2346923. Public Meeting of May 7, 2015.

  • The Small Natural Gas Companies Task Force has completed their assignments and disbanded.

Motion - Motion by Vice Chairman Coleman regarding the Final Rulemaking for the Revision of 52 Pa. Code, Chapter 53 pertaining to the recovery of fuel costs by gas utilities. Public Meeting of May 7, 2015. Docket No. L-2013-2346923.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary - A guide to terms used in working with the PUC.


Final Report - The Operational and Financial Viability of Pennsylvania’s Group II Natural Gas Distribution Companies. Released June 2010.

Rates and Tariffs

Base rates v. Gas Cost Rates (GCR) - Base rates allow the utility to recover its reasonably incurred gas distribution expenses and a fair return on its investment, while the GCR allows the utility to recover a portion of the cost of its purchased gas cost rate.

  • Background - Information on base rates and fuel expenses.
  • Fact Sheet - Traditional base rate case filing information.
  • GCR Filing Template - Spreadsheet file that can be used to prepare a GCR filing. Revised August 6, 2018.

Short Form Base Rate Request - A streamlined gas distribution base rate case process may be used by small gas utilities in order to request additional revenues.

Tariffs - Every company must have a valid tariff on file with the PUC.

Affiliated Interest Agreements

Commission-approved agreements between a regulated utility and another corporate entity with shared ownership or management with the utility.

Termination Requirements, Procedures and Notices

Summary of requirements that must be met to terminate customers, procedures to be followed, and sample customer notices.

Definitions, Procedures and Customer Notifications

Additional Links

  • Annual Report - Link to the annual report required to be filed by small natural gas companies.


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