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Issues, Laws & Regulations

Act 13 Impact Fee

Learn about this unconventional gas well fee and the distribution of those funds to local and state governments.

Act 120 Working Group

Learn how the PUC addresses customer-owned lead water service line and damaged wastewater lateral replacement issues.

Act 127 (Pipeline Act)

This law gives the PUC authority to enforce federal pipeline safety laws within the state.

Act 129

The law imposes new requirements on electric distribution companies with the goal of reducing energy consumption and demand.

Advanced Metering

Learn about the structure, processes, procedures and standards of advanced metering.


This law requires that electric distribution companies and generation suppliers include power from alternative resources.

Alternative Ratemaking

Learn about effects of alternative ratemaking methodologies, such as revenue decoupling.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

This law ensures the PUC makes policies that align with the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation.

Chapter 27 Railroad

Railroad businesses must construct, maintain and operate lateral railroads or private sidetracks.

Chapter 56 Proposed Rulemaking

The PUC updated regulations on residential utility service standards and delinquent residential accounts.

Demand Side Response

Learn about the investigation into reasonable, cost-effective programs  to help retail electric customers conserve energy.

EDC Outage Response Reports

Review reports on actions taken by the PUC and impacted utilities during severe weather events.

Electric Competition Law

Learn more about electricity generation choice for customers of electric cooperatives.

Electric Retail Markets

Review policy recommendations that enhance customer choice and the development of effective retail markets.

Electronic Data Exchange

Get more information on the Electric Data Exchange Working Group within the PUC.

En Banc Hearings: Supplier Consolidated Billing

Get details on the implementation of electric generation supplier consolidated billing.

En Banc Hearings: Wholesale Energy Markets

The hearings collected testimony on current and future wholesale electricity markets. 

Global Telephone Order

This order addresses a variety of issues, including access charges, calling areas, interconnection, Lifeline programs, rate caps and more.

Natural Gas Competition Law

This law restructures the natural gas utility industry to providing for supply choice for customers.

Natural Gas Issues

Review reports about the investigation into competition of the natural gas supply market.

Policies to Mitigate Electricity Price Increases

The PUC ordered an education campaign for electricity ratepayers on increases, energy efficiency and more.

Port Authority Act 61

This law transferred oversight of all passenger transportation within Allegheny County to the PUC.

Provider of Last Resort

Learn about electric distribution companies' duty to serve retail customers who select an alternative supplier.

Railroad Regulations

The PUC has jurisdiction over the construction, relocation, suspension and abolition of public highway-railroad crossings.

Regulatory Agenda

List of rulemaking dockets, policy statements and other anticipatory proceedings.

Regulatory Information

Learn about the regulation of public utilities under Title 52 (Public Utilities) of the Pennsylvania Code.

Right to Know Policies & Procedures

This policy outlines procedures and fees for requesting, inspecting and obtaining copies of PUC public records.

Rules for Termination, Reconnections, Payments, Cash Deposits

Review rule changes for electric, gas and water consumers.

Section 1329 Applications

This law allows a public utility or buyer to get fair market valuation when acquiring water and wastewater systems.

System Improvement Charges Act 11

This law allows certain utilities to petition for a Distribution System Improvement Charge.

Triennial Review Order

This order seeks to promote investment in telecommunications infrastructure.

Verizon Joint Petition

Verizon PA and Verizon North filed a joint petition to have some retail services removed from most PUC jurisdiction.

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