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Regulatory Agenda

Regulatory Agenda

Updated September 2023

This Regulatory Agenda listing allows you to access documents, such as entered orders, motions and statement, administrative law judge decisions, secretarial letters, etc., associated with open docketed Commission rulemakings or policy statement proceedings.

Please contact the Commission's Regulatory Review Assistant at (717) 772-4597 with questions.

For a more comprehensive list of notice of proposed rulemaking dockets (NOPR) and final-form rulemaking dockets, which will include closed dockets, go to Document Search and use the "Case Type" search, selecting "Propose Rulemaking Docket."

Rulemaking Dockets

Docket Number Rulemaking Title Description
L-2020-3019521 Rulemaking to Implement Act 120 of 2018 at 52 Pa. Code Chapters 65 and 66 To develop regulations for public water and wastewater utilities when replacing customer-owned lead water service line (LSLs) and damaged wastewater service laterals (DWSLs).
L-2012-2317273 Use of Fully Projected Future Test Year, 52 PA Code §§ 53.51-53.56a To identify proposed procedures and filing requirements for use of a fully projected future test year (FPFTY) by eligible utilities in base rate cases and align filing requirements for base rate cases in excess of $1 million.
L-2016-2557886 Initiative to Review and Revise the Existing Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) Regulations at 52 Pa. Code §§ 58.1 – 58.18 To update regulations to improve the operation of energy utilities’ low-income usage reduction programs (LIURP).
L-2019-3012600 Universal Service Rulemaking

To incorporate the 2019 CAP policy statement amendments into regulations and update other universal service regulations, possibly including LIURP regs, to ensure programs are structured to assist low-income ratepayers efficiently and effectively.

L-2020-3019417 Request for Comments on Implementation of Potential Amendments to 52 Pa. Code § 59.34 Relating to Leakage Surveys of Customer-Owned Service Lines

To amend 52 Pa. Code § 59.34 to provide clarity and consistency with federal pipeline safety regulations regarding natural gas public utilities’ compliance obligations as pipeline operators of service lines.

L-2016-2577413 Standards for Change Rulemaking to Amend the Provisions of 52 Pa. Code, Chapter 59 Regulations Regarding Standards For Changing a Customer’s Natural Gas Suppliering a Customers Natural Gas Supplier NGS Switching

To accelerate the process for transferring a customer’s account from a service of last resort provider to a competitive NGS, from one supplier to another supplier, and from a supplier to supplier of last resort (SOLR) service, while preserving safeguards to prevent the unauthorized switching of a customer’s account.

L-2017-2619223 Proposed Rulemaking: Natural Gas Distribution Company Business Practices; 52 Pa. Code § 62.225

To improve the competitive market by revising how capacity is assigned and addressing related issues including penalties and imbalance trading.

L-2018-3004948 The Commission's Regulation Governing the Consumer Advisory Council, 52 Pa. Code Chapter 91

To explore alternatives regarding the governance of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Council (CAC).

L-2019-3010267 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Hazardous Liquid Public Utility Safety Standards at 52 Pa. Code Chapter 59

To more comprehensively regulate public utilities which transport petroleum products and other hazardous liquids in intrastate commerce.

L-2020-3017232 Application of 52 Pa. Code § 3.501 to Certificated Water and Wastewater Utility Acquisitions, Mergers, and Transfers

To explore amending the certificate of public convenience application regulations for water and wastewater utilities to streamline documentation requirements and foster regionalization of water and wastewater services.

L-2020-3021932 Proposed Water Audit Methodology Regulation, 52 Pa. Code § 65.20a - Water Conservation Measures

To implement the AWWA Water Audit methodology as a best management practice in water loss control in Pennsylvania.

Policy Statement and Other Anticipatory Proceedings

Docket Number Title Description
M-2018-3006578 Electric Distribution Company Default Service Plans – Customer Assistance Program Shopping To set guidelines for electric distribution companies (EDCs) regarding programs permitting customer assistance program (CAP) participants to enter contracts with electric generation suppliers (EGSs) for electric generation service.
M-2021-3029018 Investigation into Conservation Service Provider and Other Third Party Access to Electric Distribution Company Customer Data Whether conservation service providers (CSPs) and other third parties should have direct access to the customer meter. Whether policies or regulations should be promulgated to ensure that CSPs and other third parties are provided timely access to the EDC’s customer metering facilities under reasonable terms and conditions.
P-2022-3030743 Petition to Initiate a Proceeding to Issue a Policy Statement on Electric Utility Rate Design for Electric Vehicle Charging To respond to request of ChargEVC-PA for the issuance of a Policy Statement on electric utility rate design for electric vehicle charging.
M-2022-3033054 Policy Statement on Public and Private Fire Protection Development of standards under which regulated fire protection services are offered to the public.

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