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Alternative Ratemaking Methodologies


Tentative Order - Alternative Ratemaking Methodologies from the Public Meeting of March 2, 2017 at Docket No. M-2015-2518883.

  • Secretarial Letter - Granting an extension of time to file Comments and Reply Comments to Tentative Order on Alternative Ratemaking Methodologies. Comments are now due by May 31, 2017 and Reply Comments are due by July 31, 2017. Dated March 23, 2017, Docket No. M-2015-2518883.

En Banc

The PUC held an en banc hearing in March 2016, on alternative ratemaking methodologies to facilitate the Commission’s efforts in determining the efficacy and appropriateness of alternative ratemaking methodologies, such as revenue decoupling, before determining whether decoupling should be adopted for Pennsylvania’s electric and natural gas distribution companies. Docket No. M-2015-2518883.

Revenue decoupling is unique to the circumstances of each utility. Questions exist as to whether decoupling is a prerequisite to encourage conservation. Administrative issues relating to the design and maintenance of a mechanism are likely to prove expensive and time consuming. Questions exist as to whether the costs of implementing decoupling would be outweighed by any benefits of decoupling

The hearing will solicit comments from parties on topics contained in the secretarial letter below. As part of the en banc hearing process explained in the secretarial letter below, the five PUC Commissioners will question the speakers after their testimony. Interested parties, who will not be participating at the hearing, have until March 16, 2016 to submit written comments for the Commission to consider.

Agenda - The final agenda for the March 3, 2016 En Banc Hearing on Alternative Ratemaking Methodologies at Docket No. M-2015-2518883.

Secretarial Letter - Letter announcing the En Banc Hearing on Alternative Ratemaking Methodologies at Docket No. M-2015-2518883. Dated December 31, 2015. 

Press Release - PUC announces En Banc Hearing to be held to explore Alternative Utility Ratemaking Methods. Dated January 8, 2016.

Written Comments

Comments for M-2015-2518883

En Banc Hearing on March 3, 2016

Panel 1

Video of Panel 1

Mark Newton Lowry, PhD - President of Pacific Economics Group - sponsored by Natural Resources Defense Council

Richard Sedano - Principal and US Programs Director of The Regulatory Assistance Project

Eric Ackerman - Director of Alternative Regulation at Edison Electric Institute

Hugh Gilbert Peach, PhD - President of H. Gil Peach & Associates

Panel 2

Video of Panel 2 

Eric Miller - Policy Associate for Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance

Scott R. Koch - Senior Analyst of Regulatory Compliance for PPL Electric Utilities Corporation

Paula A. Strauss - Director of Rates and Regulatory Services for NiSource Corporate Services Company

Tanya J. McCloskey - Acting Consumer Advocate for the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate

David F. Ciarlone, PE - Senior Manager for Energy and Carbon for Alcoa Inc. on behalf of the Industrial Energy Consumer of Pennsylvania

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