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Verizon PA and Verizon North Joint Petition for Reclassification

On Oct. 6, 2014, Verizon PA and Verizon North filed a joint petition (Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304) to have all retail services in certain parts of the Commonwealth declared competitive and removed from most PUC jurisdiction. Verizon does not propose to reclassify intrastate access services or a small portion of special access services. The petition focuses on the regions in and around Philadelphia/Allentown, Pittsburgh, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Erie, and Harrisburg/York. 

Final Workbook - The Final Workbook from the Order at Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304 from the Public Meeting of August 20, 2015.

Secretarial Letter - Dated May 20, 2015. Request for comments and reply comments from the Parties regarding the data, form, and reporting schedules required by the Opinion and Order at Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304. Excel Workbook - The requested data, form and schedules.

Secretarial Letter - Dated October 6, 2014. Notice for publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and the notice of the Prehearing Conference Order are included in the Secretarial Letter. Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304.

You can access all public documents related to this joint petition through the Consolidated Case Views.

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