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Producer Information

Producers are required to annually submit payment of the Impact Fee to the Commission on or before April 1. Per Act 13, producers are required to pay only the amount as calculated by the annual report filed by the producer. As such, each producer self-reports its financial liability under Act 13/Impact Fee.

Act 13/Impact Fee Producer Annual Report - Pursuant to Act 13/Impact Fee, each producer is required to annually file a list of wells on this report with the Commission. This is done online through a secure login. Any disputes regarding classification should be identified in this report. The Impact Fee that a producer pays to the Commission is based on this report that the producer files with the Commission. Instructions are included in the report.

Act 13/Impact Fee Producer Monthly Update Report - Producers subject to the Impact Fee must notify the Commission of the following within 30 days after the calendar month in which the change occurs:

  1. the spudding of additional unconventional gas wells;
  2. the initiation of production at an unconventional gas well; or
  3. the removal of an unconventional gas well from production.

Please note that this report is only to be filed with the Commission if a designated event occurs. Additionally, this report must be filed electronically. The due date for the report is 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the event occurred.

Act 13/Impact Fee Producer's User Guide - The Producer's User Guide is available to assist producers in navigating the reporting system on the website.

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