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Default Service Regulations Rulemaking

Act 129 also revises the default service requirements contained in Chapter 28 of the Public Utility Code. The Commission opened a rulemaking proceeding to consider amendments to our default service regulations as required by the enactment of Act 129 such that our regulations shall be consistent with the Act. Click on the following links to see comments to the proposed rulemaking order at Docket No. L-2009-2095604 and the proposed policy statement at Docket No. M-2009-2140580.

Proposed Rulemaking Order (L-2009-2095604)

Comments for L-2009-2095604
Reply Comments for L-2009-2095604

Default Service Regulations Final Rulemaking Order - As amended per Vice Chairman Coleman’s Motion. Entered October 4, 2011, at Docket No. L-2009-2095604.

  • Motion - By Vice Chairman Coleman at the Public Meeting of September 22, 2011.

Default Service Regulations Proposed Rulemaking Order - Entered January 19, 2010, at Docket No. L-2009-2095604

Proposed Policy Statement (M-2009-2140580)

Comments for M-2009-2140580
Reply Comments for M-2009-2140580

Default Service Regulations Final Policy Statement - Entered September 23, 2011, at Docket No. M-2009-2140580.

Default Service Regulations Proposed Policy Statement - Entered January 19, 2010, at Docket No. M-2009-2140580.

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